Mexican Rice with Turkey Sausage Recipe & Nueva Cocina Review

I had planned to grill turkey sausage patties for dinner the other night, but we didn’t have gas for the grill.  It was time for plan B. Plan B? Hmm, what would that be? As I scolded myself for not going to the grocery store that week, it hit me… why not utilize the Nueva Cocina rice I received for review?!

Rice + turkey sausage. It was practically an instant meal.  I sauteed the turkey sausage patties with some chopped red bell pepper and then added in the rice.  No extra seasoning or flavor was needed because the rice was so incredibly flavorful on its own.

Well, maybe I did end up adding some hot sauce, only because I love me some spicy. :)

Following is a quick recipe, if you’re looking for an easy dinner idea. But even if you’re just looking for a side, I highly recommend the Neuva Cocina Mexican Rice.  You won’t be disappointed. The classic Mexican dish (original to the Oaxaca region of Mexico they tell me), combines onions, garlic,  traditional Mexican seasonings with corn, tomatoes, carrots and roasted Poblano chiles. This isn’t your standard box of rice!

What you’ll need: (for approximately 4 servings)

  • 1 box of Nueva Cocina Arroz a la Mexicana  (Mexican Rice)
  • 3 servings of turkey sausage (I used patties)
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped (or any pepper you have on hand; I just liked adding a veggie of sort)


  • Cook rice according to the box directions
  • Saute turkey sausage until cooked through
  • Remove sausage from pan and cut sausage into bite size pieces
  • Add sausage back into pan and add bell pepper; continue to saute for another five minutes
  • Add cooked rice into sausage and peppers, mix
  • Serve with hot sauce (optional) and enjoy!



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