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Caramel Apple Cupcakes with Hazelnuts

I’m not much of a baker.  That is until apple season comes along.  For some reason every fall after an outing in the orchard, I’m compelled to make something sweet.  Perhaps it’s the concept of picking something fresh from its roots and assisting in its evolution into a new form. Without a garden of my own,... read more →

Grilled Stuffed Pepper App Recipes

It’s a sensational feeling when you can pull some random ingredients from your fridge and come up with a last-minute dish.  This is how this app came about. In the spirit of summer, I decided to use up some peppers in the fridge by throwing them on the grill.  To spice it up, I added... read more →

Garlicky Green Beans Recipe

Bored of your side dishes?  Need a new way to serve veggies? Here’s an easy way to prepare some delicious green beans. I’ll get right to it. What you’ll need: Green beans, washed with tips trimmed (use as many as you would like) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Minced garlic; 1 1/2 tbsp per 2... read more →